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Create Outdoor Privacy with a Spa Gazebo

Looking for Spa Gazebo Plans?

Create Outdoor Privacy with a Spa Gazebo

A gazebo can enhance the backyard dining and lounging experience with a strategically placed gazebo. However, gazebos are not just for outdoor dining and lounging.  Gazebos can also provide much desired privacy around a hot tub. Spa gazebos enable you to have privacy no matter where you place your hot tub, and it allows for year-round enjoyment of the spa experience. Luckily, there are as many design choices for the spa gazebo as there are for the garden gazebo. 

The most popular choice of material for a spa gazebo is wood.  Treated wood will stand up to the outside elements and last for many years.  Your next step is to decide whether you want to buy a gazebo kit from the store, design the plans and build it yourself, or hire a contractor.  Then you need to decide if you want a gazebo that fits directly over your hot tub or a gazebo that encloses your hot tub and allows places to change, or sit and relax.  If you choose an open plan gazebo, you will have a gazebo that allows for the enjoyment of the outdoors while still providing privacy.  Roofs for an outdoor gazebo can be pyramid shaped or even lattice style.  Lattice style sides are ideal because a fun idea to add to an open plan gazebo is an attached bar with stools.  This way you can still enjoy conversation with friends and family while in the hot tub.

If you choose an enclosed plan gazebo, you will have many style choices available.  An enclosed gazebo is the ideal gazebo design if you want to enjoy your hot tub all year.  Some decisions to make about an enclosed gazebo are whether you want a solid wood or steel roof, a clear roof for night viewing, or a solid roof with a large skylight in the center.

You can also choose if you want sliding doors, french doors, or just a typical everyday door for the entrance to your gazebo.  Windows for an enclosed gazebo can be sliding or push-out, and most windows will have a screen kit available to replace the windows in the warmer months.  Whichever style you choose, spa gazebos are a great way to enhance the spa experience at home.  














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